Here at Snowy Range Evangelical Free Church, we have a long history of supporting missions, both domestic and foreign. We take literally the Great Commission–“Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt. 28:19). Our mission statement (“Making disciples who make a difference for Jesus in Laramie, in Wyoming, and around the world.”) is reflected in the balance of who we support and where they are located.

Bible Image 24jan2014We invite you to check out the missionaries we support. The list starts with local missionaries and moves out from there. The list is almost complete, but there are some names we do not list for reasons of the security and safety of where they are, and who they minister to.

We are able to support these missionaries because of the faithfulness of our members. We are so grateful for your generosity, and are excited to say your giving makes a difference in the lives of so many people, as evidenced below.

Who We Support: 

Aaron and Stacy Frude, Fellowship of Christian Athletes — Aaron and his wife, Stacy, minister to student and athletes from junior high up through college. Aaron is a former Wyoming football player and has worked with FCA since 2001.

Adam and Renae Sperling, Navigators — Adam and Renae Sperling are the University of Wyoming Campus Directors for the Navigators. They not only work directly with students, but they also oversee the other student leaders. They take great joy in seeing students lay the foundation for a lifetime of service and  devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don Martin, Truckers’ Chapel — Don Martin ministers to the weary truckers who stop here in Laramie. His office is next to the Petro Truck stop convenience store. A former truck driver himself, Don understands well the trials of life on the road and has a heart for these drivers.

Heart to Heart Pregnancy Centers — Heart to Heart is non-profit pregnancy counseling resource that advocates for the life of the unborn. They offer counseling, ultrasounds, nurse consultations and more.

Kolten and Katie Powell, Navigators — Kolten and Katie Powell work with Adam & Renae Sperling and the students at University of Wyoming. They are also focused on sharing the love of Christ on that campus.

International Student Partners – ISP is committed to sharing the love of Jesus by providing support, friendship and activities to international students during their time here at the University of Wyoming.

Paul Goodwin, Navigators — Paul works with the home office of Navigators, helping other Navigators with raising their missionary support so they can effectively perform their ministries. He does a lot of coaching!

Dan and Sandra Walgren, Table in the Wilderness — Dan and Sandra Walgren run a Bible camp and retreat center outside of Centennial, WY. They host numerous retreats and youth camps all throughout the year, as well as short-term missions trips.

Interfaith Good Samaritan — Interfaith Good Samaritan is a charitable organization that works with area churches and agencies to provide emergency assistance to men, women and children in need.

Kurt and Susanne Schafli, Open Air Campaigners — Kurt and Susanne work with the Wind River Indians to bring the love of Jesus to the Native American population. They also work with the Wyoming prison system to share the gospel message.

Bruce and Karen Duell, Ancient Paths — Bruce and Karen have started an Evangelical Free Church in the inner-city of Denver. They seek to reach the poor and needy of Denver through planting a network of house churches.

Carrie Schnur, Ancient Paths — Carrie also works with Ancient Paths EFC in Denver to share the love of Christ with the needy in the inner city.

Semse Aydin, Joy to the World — Semse has a remarkable story of love and forgiveness towards the religious extremists who martyred her husband in the country of Turkey in 2007. She now devotes her life to sharing that love of Jesus with that community in the Denver, CO area.

Greg Fell, Rocky Mountain District EFC — Greg works with the entire EFCA Rocky Mountain district churches to help them minister more effectively and cooperatively. His responsibilities include support, training, equipping, and more.

Abbey Reed, Athletes in Action — Abbey is currently serving in Mexico, using sports as a platform for sharing the love of Jesus.

Dan and Alma Elliot, Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) –Dan and Alma serve in the formerly communist country of Albania, where they are sharing the love of Christ with a receptive audience hungry for the good news.

Jared and Stacy Haechton, OMF — Jared and Stacy Haechton minister in rural Thailand helping to plant churches in a much-needed area of that country. They work in cooperation with OMF International , formerly China Inland Mission founded by J. Hudson Taylor.

Sukhbaatar and Jaggi Sengedorj, Athletes in Action — Sukhee and his wife, Jaggi, currently serve in Mongolia with AIA. He is a former world-class wrestler and now conducts sports camps, in addition to working with Operation Christmas Child and a prison ministry.

Braxton Beemer, Children’s Relief International — Braxton is serving in Mozambique with CRI.  Braxton’s main role is the project developer for Spark of Hope, a sports and education ministry in Dondo, Mozambique.

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