Small Groups

Why Small Groups Matter!

Purpose statement: Small groups exist to foster meaningful relationships and create an atmosphere conducive to true discipleship and evangelism.

Snowy Range EFC places high value on small groups for the following reasons:


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself building significant relationships with people you really connect with, both individually and as a couple. Small groups provide the space and the environment for fostering great relationships. If you decide you want to take that relationship to the next level it’s up to you, but at least the opportunity is there.


When Jesus began his public ministry, one of the first things he did was call a small group of men to be his closest companions (see Matt. 4:18ff.; Mark 1:14ff.; John 1:35ff.). He mentored them intensely. Twelve ordinary men went on from there to turn all of history on its head. After Paul had his Damascus Road experience (Acts 9), he met with the disciples; no doubt to discuss what had happened and what it all meant (Acts 9:19b). Paul made it a point to live in community. We believe we should, too. We might also note that Paul, as far as we can tell, never traveled alone. And when Jesus sent the disciples out to minister he sent them out two by two (Mark 6). It is the model for discipleship that has been passed down directly from the Lord himself, as well as the apostles.

Great learning capability

Small groups are the perfect vehicle for interactive learning. With a small number of people, everybody has the opportunity to ask questions and engage directly in the discussion; questions and points of confusion can get addressed immediately; furthermore, with several different groups to choose from, you can choose to study a topic that is of greatest interest to you. All the ingredients for a positive learning experience are in place in small groups.

Edification of fellow believers

There is a list of about fifty “one anothers” in scripture (e.g., encourage one another, bear with one another, etc.). Without exception, every single one of those statements require that the Christian be in community with other believers to exercise those “one anothers.” Small groups are the perfect vehicle for exercising those behaviors towards others. It is also the perfect place for those blessings to be returned back to you!

They are fun!

Most groups meet over good food and an informal atmosphere where people can relax and be themselves. You see sides of people you don’t normally get to see, and you learn interesting things you wouldn’t otherwise learn about them. And because the discussions are catered to the group, even the learning is fun.

Minimal commitments

Snowy Range Evangelical Free Church’s small groups run on the quarter system, matching the UW’s calendar. They meet on different days and times, so you can join based on your own interests and schedule. Small groups have definite start and end times, usually around 12 weeks each quarter. At the end of that quarter, you can either choose to continue with the same group, choose a different group, or bow out altogether. We promise not to take it personally, whatever you choose!

Are you curious?

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