Snowy Range Youth Group

SRYG Middle School typically meets each Sunday from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the church. SRYG High School typically meets from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the church. Please contact the church office to inquire about up-to-date scheduling, 742.0153 or email.

What Snowy Range Youth Ministry Promises Students

  • A supportive fellowship community and nurturing friendships with older Christians who willingly model an active, life-changing faith.
  • Structured opportunities to learn about the Christian faith and to grow in the practice of faith through worship, service, Bible study and prayer.
  • A safe environment where all students are welcome and all questions are biblically and prayerfully explored.
  • Consistent, ongoing prayer support.
  • Compassionate, unconditional acceptance.
  • Consistent, gently-applied boundaries.
  • Avenues for involvement in the larger church.

What Snowy Range Youth Ministry Promises Parents

  • A safe environment, in which appropriate care is taken to protect students from physical or emotional injury.
  • Trustworthy role models who will take care to demonstrate a faithful Christian example.
  • Consistent presentation of the gospel and its implications for all of life.
  • Support of the parents’ role in the lives of their children and affirmation of each family’s importance.
  • Family-friendly ministry that works hard to accommodate the needs of families in scheduling and pricing of events.
  • Encouragement and support of parents in mentoring and discipling their children.
  • Timely communication about upcoming events and programs.

What Snowy Range Youth Ministry Promises Leaders

  • Pastoral support, including prayer and help in discerning gifts and direction.
  • Clear structure and direction, as expressed in the youth group manual and ongoing evaluation processes.
  • Ongoing training, both through leader meetings and outside training when available.
  • Provision of resources, including access to the Youth Ministry supplies and books, reimbursement of fellowship expenses incurred, and help in obtaining any other resources needed.
  • Funding for participation in any youth event or retreat.

SRYG Topics and Notes

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